Best Indian Betting Sites in 2022

Online betting sites in India have become the more favorite and exciting, with various promotions and bonuses available all year round. When Covid-19 pandemic hitting the world, everyone stuck in home, so people are more eager to enter into the world of online casino gaming sports betting in India, with offline bet places and casinos becoming unavailable for gaming and betting sessions. Online bets on Indian sites have come up all over the country with easy, straightforward navigation and fully encrypted security and safe your data. Indian betting players have different tastes in sports, with an emphasis on cricket and football.

For all sports enthusiasts in India who like to have fun betting on sports and favorite players, as well as getting a few bucks from this engagement, this article will help you a list of the best legal betting sites in India, with an insistence on the top cricket betting sites in India. Make Scroll down to read more and enjoy the experience at online betting sites in India.

Betting & Gambling Laws in India

Gambling Laws in India square measure nearly ancient. These laws were straight from the decennium once India was underneath British rule. the general public Gambling Act of 1867 is that the umbrella act underneath that the complete government and its agencies run. This act mandates that gambling remains illegitimate in India, except once otherwise expressed. Now, what will that mean? Otherwise expressed holds the slight risk for casinos and sports sporting firms to enter the moneymaking Indian gambling market. underneath the List II of the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution of India, gambling will be thought-about legal by State Governments if they want to try to therefore. this suggests that these states can need to enact their own legislation to manipulate and keep a leash on vice or gambling activities at intervals the state limits.
With the archaic British laws on gambling still underneath strict adherence, the Indian government doesn't consider gambling or gambling-related activities with an excellent deal of heart. despite the fact that the United Kingdom has legalized the majority styles of gambling within the country, India is nonetheless to try to therefore. the sole states in India which permit gambling to require place square measure Goa and Sikkim. For Goa, the laws square measure placed and maintained on gambling dens by permitting table card games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat, so on off-shore vessels, like cruises so on, and coin machine games in five-star hotels, if they're cleared by the state. The law applicable in Goa is that the Goa, Daman, and Diu Public Gambling Act of 1976. For Sikkim, the law is that the Sikkim Regulation of Gambling (Amendment) Act of 2005, that permits casinos to work in some distinctive and notified areas of Sikkim, once a selected fee is paid to the govt.

However, there are some caveats for gambling on online cricket betting sites in Indian rupees. These help online casinos and sports betting organizations to remain active in India and cater to the needs of the gambling enthusiasts in the country. These are:

  • The Gambling Act is ancient, almost archaic, and dismisses about any online betting or gambling activity. For this act, only gambling in physical locations in India is illegal. As long as casinos or the legal sports betting websites in India have their physical bases outside the country, you can play or bet there legally;

  • Gambling has not been defined in the act properly, so horse racing, games that require skill, and lotteries (controlled by the lottery laws of India) do not fall under the purview of gambling and therefore are entirely legal.

Is Betting Legal in India?

In State of India, legal betting is a turning and wrap alleyway. But it is worth it. For all India State gambling and casino online betting enthusiasts, betting on the sports events you like to watch and bet on is a distinct possibility. Suppose you practice or play online betting in India with casino betting sites that have their physical bases outside the country, in Europe, the UK, and so on. In that case, you can most definitely practice sports betting legally right here in India.

It's depending majorly on the India state from where you intend to gamble. Goa and Sikkim allow all types of gambling, and betting-based activities, provided they are regulated. Game of skills are not put under the knowledge of gambling. Horse racing also enjoyed freely without any legal restrictions in India, and so can lottery games and some virtual games.

How to Start Betting?

It is safe and straightforward to get on to the sports betting in India. If you are a newcomer in the gambling or betting industry, then the way to start with betting is easily explained in the following steps:

  • Go online to find an online sports betting site that suits your needs. Be sure to check out our list of the best, most reliable, and reputable online casino games sites available to select the one that you feel the most comfortable betting with;

  • Check out the terms and conditions of signing up or registration with the sports betting website, the bonuses available, and then open a new account by entering your necessary details:

  • Make your first deposit into your account and pick out a sporting event where you want to place a bet:

  • Enjoy your first sports betting with best cricket exchange experience.

Top Bookmakers in India

  • K9Win

  • BetJee

  • 1xBet

Sports Betting in India

Sports betting in India has quite a big market. With offline and online sports betting being legal in Indian states, betting enthusiasts join online sports betting websites and apps to check out the live sports events and bet experience on them, keep in mind the bonuses, terms and conditions, with minimum deposit required, betting odds and the available markets.

Some major sports betting markets in India include the following:

Cricket is one of the most favorite sports betting markets in India. With the test matches, the one-day matches, the Indian Premier League, and other cricket tournaments going on all through the year, cricket is a sport that is the veritable passion of almost all Indians. If there is an India vs. Pakistan match, then be sure that all the residents of India who are interested in cricket as a sports betting experience will be there, ready to play bet big and win big, with the best sports and cricket betting sites in India. 


Another one of the best Indian fan favorites, football has a fan base of its own. With LaLiga, Bundesliga, FIFA World Cup, and all other football special tournaments lined up all year long, Indians, who are big fans of all the football stars in the world, take out their jerseys and open the online sports betting website to make their bets.


Hockey is another most favorite sport that has been regularly developing a huge fan base in India. The number of field hockey online sports betting websites has been gradually increasing, especially after hockey made a comeback in Indian hearts. With a more than enough fan base in field hockey, Indians consider this sports betting experience a must-have at least once in their life.


Kabaddi was once upon a time a very overlooked sport. But it was always a favorite in India, played in villages, schools and on playgrounds everywhere. Over the couple of years, Many Events conduct for Kabaddi Such as Vivo Pro Kabaddi League has generated huge traction on the betting market by including this game in India's major sporting events list. With many brand ambassadors supporting a sport of Kabaddi, there is a good betting market to tap into. Online betting sites in India state have done just that. Kabaddi is now cherished, and famous Kabaddi players have generated massive cheering and betting markets in the state of India. 

Horse Racing

Another betting market that has had consistent customers since the British era is of horse racing. You pick a horse you think might win, bet on it, look at the prize pool longingly and wait for your horse to win the race. Being betting legal in India, horse racing stadiums are physically present all over the country side. What's more? Well, several online sports betting websites have also made it a point to include virtual horse racing simulations to authorize and give you real-life horse races that you maybe can’t visit due to any reason.

Sports Betting Apps and Features

Sports betting apps and platform are the new kings in the world of online sports betting and Gaming. Be it cricket, hockey, football, basketball, horse racing, or any other sport which you like, India has a profitable sports betting industry, along with sports betting apps which are the new greatest deals ever with best odds.

So, what are the perks of sports betting apps?

The following are the pros of sports betting apps:

  • Live Experience: Live sports events can be seen on sports betting apps to get on with live betting if you wish. Pre-match betting, live odds, markets, and the very best HD graphics make the betting experience better;

  • All Day, Everyday Notifications: On the move? Outside your house? Well, fear not because all the sports betting apps of the best variety will give you the notifications right there, on your mobile screen, through the app;

  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigation on the mobile apps of sports betting websites is straightforward, simple, and pretty safe, with SSL encryption;

  • Efficiency: Consumes fewer mobile data and takes less time to load.

Some of the best sites and sports betting apps operating in India are:

  • K9Win

  • 1xbet

  • Betjee

  • And more…

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Betting Sites in India

Is online betting legal in India State?

Of Course, online betting can be considered legal in the state of India. There are no federal laws that make online betting illegal in India. However, before you have plan to sign up with a bookmaker and place bets online, that time make sure you check the local laws in your state. Indian states have the power to pass laws to ban or legalize and regulate online betting.

What are the best betting sites in India?

K9Win Online are among the best betting site in India. You will find all of the best sports betting features with original betfair cricket exchange. From live streaming and in-play betting to the best variety of odds, wide sports coverage, and huge bonuses and promotions, these betting sites have it all.

Is casino allowed in India?

While several varieties of gambling area unit illicit, it's attainable for you to gamble on-line in Republic of India. The safest thanks to play your favorite casino games in Republic of India is to sign in with an esteemed operator that's registered offshore. Ensures that your bet expertise is safe which your transactions and winnings area unit full secure.

How do I get a welcome bonus on a K9Win betting site?

You can claim your welcome bonus in three simple steps - Signup, deposit the minimum required amount to qualify and receive your bonus. K9Win App have a wagering requirement that you should complete before your bonus amount can be withdrawn.

Which betting sites offer free bets?

K9Win online best betting sites that offer free bets for sports betting in India. At K9Win, you will find free bets for popular sports leagues such as IPL, Grand Slams, T20 World Cup, and others. Whereas, Free Bet Club offers weekly free bets all year round.

What is the best cricket betting site in India?

K9Win is the best cricket betting site in India. Our top reasons for this are the bookmaker’s cricket coverage, live streaming, and the betting odds which are the highest among all cricket betting sites in India.

Who offers the best sports betting app?

There are numbers of betting sites with highly efficient sports betting apps. The best among these would depend on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a modern and elegant user interface with quick updated odds and bet settlements, the K9Win app is the best for you. Whereas, if you wish to find multiple sports betting platforms in one betting app, K9Win online is the right choice. They offer the most convenient payment methods and a smooth in-play betting experience. For most pro bettors, K9Win is the best betting app in India.
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